Last night after coming home from a long day of working overtime, I walk into my house and the worst possible scenario has happened.

Instead of cool and crisp air flowing throughout the house on that warm summer night, I was instead met with extreme heat and stale air! I instantly realized that my air conditioning was broken down and wasn’t responding no matter what I tried.

I quickly went to get my phone and all over to the local HVAC heating and cooling company but then quickly remembered that it was extremely late and no place near me is going to be able to send out a certified HVAC repair tech that late at night! After spending the next few minutes weighing my options and sweating my rear end off, I decided to call my buddy who lives a few minutes away who is a certified HVAC repair tech for a well renowned company near me. To my surprise, he answered the phone and was able to be at my doorstep in ten minutes. Without me even having to explain to him what I thought the problem was stemming from he was able to start pathing up the a/c unit. About thirty minutes later the once broken down a/c system roared back to life and the muggy sauna feeling quickly left. I am extremely lucky to have a friend with such skill that lives only a few minutes away and I think that I will have to start giving my business to him since his hours are much more flexible than my previous HVAC company!

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