My husband loves to go out on quiet, clear nights, and stare at the stars in the sky.

He’s no astronomer, nor is he any kind of scientist for that matter.

However, he does tell me often about how much he enjoys being out on these nights, and really taking in the sights over our heads. As much as I love accompanying him on these trips, I can’t always tolerate joining him due to the weather conditions that are associated with it. For one, the whole “stargazing” thing has to be done outside – that means no access to heating or air conditioning, unless you could sitting in the car! Also, this can be a big problem for me personally, as I have a very sensitive respiratory system. Between my asthma and a chronic cough, it doesn’t take more than a bit of sand, dirt, or dust going in the wrong “pipe” to trigger a cough attack. And of course, my husband’s preferred viewing spot for stargazing with his telescope is on this dusty cliff about twenty minutes from our home. I want to spend time with my husband, and enjoy the things he loves with him, but this might have to remain as something he does on his own time without me! I can’t take being without a heating system when it’s forty degrees out, and the wind is howling outside as it blows sand in my eyes and mouth! The last time we went stargazing, my husband decided to leave early to get me back home and in the comfort of our heating system. I felt so bad for him, as I could tell he really wanted to stay out! That’s why I’m planning to just do my own thing with my girlfriends on these nights, so he can enjoy the starry sky by himself.

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