A few months later I heard that the restaurant got shut down due to “sanitary concerns”

Even though I am still fairly young, I have had a long list of terrible jobs. Most of the jobs themselves weren’t that bad, rather the bosses who I was working for. Out of all of the odd jobs I have worked over the past few years I think the worst one of them all would have to be my time working as a cook at a local restaurant. I would be forced to work nearly every day in the summer working nine hours shifts with only one break and very few bathroom breaks. The worst part of it all was the lack of air conditioning back in the kitchen. The lack of any air conditioning mixed with the warm ovens and stovetops would keep the kitchen at temperatures pushing nearly 100 degrees at times. One day as I was working I remember calling to my boss that he seriously needs to consider bringing in a certified HVAC serviceman to install a unit for us because it is getting so hot in here I am starting to get sweat in the food! To my surprise however, he just shrugged and said “deal with it or leave”. Thanks to his advice, I did just that and left. Once I got to my car and started blasting the a/c while driving I knew I made the right choice. A few months later I heard that the restaurant got shut down due to “sanitary concerns”. Maybe if my old boss would have listened to me and had an air conditioning unit installed back there the place might still be open. I guess that we will never know!

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