If you have ever lived with another person or had several roommates in your loft you will understand precisely how horribly annoying it is to decide on a temperature control setting.

For the entire household it is hard to pick a temperature.

Your roommate may appreciate it on 72, your other roommate enjoys more heating, plus your best buddy thinks AC is where it is at. What do you do when each guy has a particular temperature they want it to be at? Everyone has heating and cooling wants and needs. Heating plus cooling is a big deal. I’ve often wondered why a two degree difference can absolutely alter a person’s mood. But two degree difference outside is a big deal to men and women too. Inside should be. When I’m at home alone for a long period of time, I adore putting the a/c at the amount I want. I get total control over the control unit. I’ve looked on the internet plus I recognize what our household needs is zone control. Having Heating in addition to A/C zone control will allow each of us to have our own indoor air handler plus control unit… Every guy can at least control the temperature in their space. That way they are more likely to compromise when they are in the living room, family room plus kitchen. Putting in a zone control system means a ductless mini split. Indoor air handlers plus a control unit in each space. Then there is 1 outdoor air compressor for the entire Heating in addition to A/C equipment.

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