The saying “boys will be boys” is true, however I have tried our best to train our men to be gentlemen and to respect others. I have always tried our best to keep them from destroying things in the house… They spend a lot of time outside, and they build forts and all sorts of things just to destroy them which does not bother me at all. I tell them all of the time to use their destructive energy outdoors so that both of us can love having a few nice things in our home! Although our men do really well, it is inevitable that they will destroy something sometime! For our youngest son, that time has already come, last week, I found him in the family room pouring a bag of water into our eclectic fireplace. I was completely caught off guard by his actions, and I did not think what to say at first. I asked him why he was pouring water on the fireplace, and he said that he wanted to see if it would put the fire out. It did put the fire out, however it also ruined our fireplace. I tried to soak up as much water as I could, however it was no use. I told our spouse what had happened when he got home, and he was sure that he could fix the fireplace. He tried for about several minutes which no luck, our several year old son ruined our electric fireplace! Every one of us are looking into getting a up-to-date one, and hopefully both of us will be able to find a wonderful deal.

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