I’m not being dramatic when I say that I have the worst luck.

Nobody else I know experiences some of the things that happen to me.

In fact, my close friends and family like to joke about the unfortunate situations I find myself in. Last year, my purse was stolen and I had to cancel all my credit cards. A few months ago, I was stuck in the bank for hours due to a crime investigation. This past week, I got stuck in an elevator. As my elevator was rising to the twentieth floor, I heard a screeching noise and a small shake. Knowing my luck, I knew the elevator was stuck. I hit the emergency button, and the person on the receiving end promised to send someone out as soon as possible. I sat in the corner of the elevator for a few minutes, before I started to sweat. Heat was rising, and there was no ventilation inside. I’ve never felt so claustrophobic before. After waiting an hour without receiving help, I hit the emergency button again. The lady on the phone was annoyed that I rang her again, but I told her how hot it was and how it was becoming difficult to breathe. Again, she insisted someone would be right over. I waited another hour in the heat, but it became unbearable. I was about to pass out from extreme temperature and humidity. I had no choice but to dial 911. I was embarrassed when they showed up, but thankful that arrived within 10 minutes. I told them how long I’d been sitting in the heat, and they suggested I file a lawsuit. I could’ve been seriously hurt if left in extreme temperatures with no circulation for much longer!


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