As I have started to get older, my partner and I start to get asked a question more and more often.

When are we going to have kids? Up until last week I never had a problem with kids. In fact, I thought that I could see my partner and I starting to have one in the next few years. After what happened last week and paying hundreds of dollars in air conditioning repairs, I don’t think I ever want to have a kid. Last week while I was home watching the sports game my partner comes home with a five year old kid by her side. She told me that it was one of her friends from work and we are going to watch him for a few hours. I said it was fine and kept watching my game. About fifteen minutes later and my partner receives a call that she needs to run to the hospital to check on one of her patients, leaving me totally alone with this child. Over the next two hours, this kid was able to get his entire box of toys jammed into my state of the art air conditioning unit I had just purchased a month ago, color on my television, and break my favorite coffee mug. By the time my partner got home the house was in such dismay that she thought we had been robbed. It sure was a headache having to pay all of that money and watch the certified HVAC repair tech fish out all of those damn kids toys, but at least I learned this lesson before the kid that was responsible was my own!


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