A ductless HVAC unit is a great device to purchase. These Heating, Ventilation plus A/C systems are great for any style of household unit or structure too small for running Heating in addition to A/C ducts. Older homes cant handle air duct placement. Mobile homes or RVs don’t have the space. Ductwork cleaning plus sealing is also really expensive to get. It is not like forced air heating plus cooling is that great either. You usually get hold plus cold spots. Also, who wants to have their whole loft heated plus cooled to the precise temperature? Some rooms don’t get used plus some tenants have different temperature needs, and zone control is available only with ductless mini splits plus heat pump devices. Think of a trailer, a big shed, RV campers, tiny homes, plus lofts. My neighbor Chris had a condo converted into a mini house with a study room plus bathroom. Chris installed a mini split a/c unit since there was no basement. I can testify to the very big cooling power of these systems. The mini split works fantastic for the condo house. Chris also has both heating plus cooling in 1 single unit. This is 1 unit to repair, service plus service on. How neat is that? These little systems are not like the central a/cs in greater homes. They really are way more strong. They don’t overshoot the control unit temperature either. They require little to no HVAC maintenance too, so you save money there easily.

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