My mama and daddy have made use of a forced air furnace forever.

It is not the most efficient heater device on the market.

My parents don’t like even using it. When the rapidly changing temperatures come in and it hasn’t snowed in the area, they won’t run the heater. The reason is it is so upscale to use for heating. In their loft I’ve only been permitted to use the heater a handful of times. Of course the burning aroma of the heating system is a deterrent as well. The odor of burnt dust will improve after a few moments of use. Though it will constantly come around every moment it runs for the 1st time. All over the internet it is always said that the smell of burnt dust goes away after a few runs with the furnace, however not for mama and daddy. Lots of articles assure us it is dust by itself plus that any continuation of the smell after a few cycles is an indication of an electrical problem or even electrical burning. No wonder our parents don’t want to use it. This is why I use hydronic heated floors in our home. Forced AC is great, however running air through any sort of gas furnace doesn’t seem good to me. Heated floors with hot water is wonderful since all homes already have water heaters. I did not need to install anything more than the new flooring panels. The hydronic heating system is fresher plus quieter.


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