My partner as well as I told each other right after every one of us got married that every one of us would never own a minivan. There is nothing wrong with minivans, however every one of us wanted to drive something different. The two of us did not own a minivan for several years, however after having several children, every one of us decided that driving a minivan was for us. The two of us obtained our first minivan about 7 years ago, as well as it was a sizable blessing. It had so much more space than our previous vehicle, as well as I no longer sad about what I looked like driving a minivan! My partner appreciated that minivan as well. The two of us did not have any troubles with that van until our air conditioning stopped laboring last summer. It was a terrible time for it to stop laboring because it was literally during the hottest time of the year. The two of us were able to work through it for a couple of weeks while every one of us were trying to figure out what was wrong with the air conditioning. My partner discovered that there was an air conditioning line leaking. The two of us took it to a mechanic to get a estimate on how much it would cost to fix, as well as every one of us could not think the price. It would cost over half of what the van was worth in order to get the line replaced. My partner decided that every one of us minds well just buy a new van since there were over 200,000 miles on the van that had air conditioning troubles. The two of us ended up getting a unbelievable deal on a new van. I just cannot think how costly it is to maintenance AC troubles in a vehicle.

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