It’s not necessarily a good idea to stay home all the time, given how it makes you a hermit.

I consider myself to be pretty active too, though when it comes to a single activity, I’ve just about had it with physically going out.

I’m talking about shopping at the local supermarket or any other big store like that. It’s starting to get quite discouraging! I found that there has a trend of sorts, and it’s becoming uncomfortable to see this trend in action. I might find myself shopping in a comfortably temperature controlled supermarket where the employees offer excellent service, but the prices are ridiculously high. Meanwhile, I find myself shopping in a store with considerably cheap prices, but the lack of temperature control makes it uncomfortable. Plus, the customer service is just awful. I just can’t seem to find any kind of decent middle ground! That’s why online shopping is now my preferred way to get my things. The temperature control issues are resolved right off the bat, so there’s a huge plus. I could set the temperature to whatever I please! Plus, I do not have to deal with poor customer service or whacky pricing, as there is no human interaction. All I have to do is pick out what I want, and check-out. Why leave the comfort of your own home, as well as the comfort of your own Heating plus Air Conditioning unit, when you can shop online? I may not shop online for everything, but I’m starting to take fewer trips to the store due to how convenient it is to get my things from the web. Besides, buying things online has never been as safe as it’s been today.

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