My work office got a brand new air conditioning unit recently, We had been begging management to do something about the faulty air conditioning for the longest time.

It turns out, to no one’s surprise, that the old air conditioner we had was too far gone and needed to be replaced entirely.

I guess that just wasn’t an investment that management wanted to make until their employees really started to complain. Then, it was all about us of course. They tried to reassure us that our comfort while we worked was a high priority and they fully understood that a working air conditioning unit can do wonders for productivity and morale. If they knew all of that, then they should have acted on the problem before we had to beg them! Still, now that the deed has finally been done, I have to say I’m very impressed with the new air conditioning unit. It feels so cool and breezy in this office now. The difference is night and day. I have more energy and I find myself getting through my quota for the day a lot faster, just naturally from the relief the air conditioning provides. Everybody was ecstatic about the new air conditioner at first. We were so happy that we would be able to come into an office that was actually comfortable. Productivity went up across the board. Management took notice and promised that they would look into other ways to keep us comfortable. Then we all started to realize that, although we felt spoiled, the only difference was that now we had a functional air conditioner unit, which was something we should have had all along!

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