This past year has seen an increase in inclement weather in my area.

  • It doesn’t matter what season of the year it is, it’s always yucky outside.

I am beginning to wonder what’s worse; freezing cold and wet weather or blazing hot and humid weather. I will admit that I’ve had to make a few upgrades to my climate control system. I had my HVAC technician clean out the air ducts as much as possible and all other parts that needed a thorough cleaning. I got a fresh air filter and all the necessary repairs and tweaks to my system. I basically made sure that my heating and air conditioning system was running as effectively as possible. But there was another step I needed to take to maximize comfort within my home. I invested in a dehumidifier. I needed a way to deal with excessive moisture in my home. This was just about the wettest year that I could remember, so I needed the dehumidifier. Warding away mold and mildew growth was another positive side effect of the dehumidifier. Every penny I spent making sure that my HVAC unit and my dehumidifier kept my home as comfortable as possible was well spent. I suppose none of it could have been possible without the excellent HVAC company that I call on for my service. People say you need a good doctor, accountant, and barber and so on. I would most certainly add to that list of important professional relationships a good HVAC technician! I don’t know what I’d do without him.

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