I used to have a job where my office was literally wherever I wanted it to be.

Seriously, anywhere at all would be my workspace! You could call it a work at home job, but I liked to get out into the world when I worked.

Even if I could have stayed home in my pajamas, being out there was preferable. There were a few places around town that eventually became my ideal working spots for getting some stuff done. My work usually would consist of writing and proofreading, or sending e-mails and keeping the small team of employees I worked with connected. Here and there I would also hold a meeting with some of these coworkers, but that could happen anywhere we pleased! There was this nice tea shop that I held preference to, as the tea and lunch items that they provided were all lovely. More than that though, it was the temperature-controlled environment that I loved! They always knew just what temperature to set on the thermostat no matter what the weather was outside. Hot or cold, windy and stormy or clear and dry, they always had it set perfectly! The a/c or heater, depending on the time of year, created my own little slice of paradise as I typed away on my computer in the corner while sipping my tea. I even loved going to the public library as a place to work – and who wouldn’t, right? The library is so quiet, comfortable and equipped with perfect desk spaces for setting up your laptop. They also had zone control thermostats, so your work space would be at your ideal temperature. It was a calm and wonderful environment to study and work in! These days I have to work in an office each and every day, but I miss the days when I could work anywhere.

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