In my local area, a central cooling system isn’t really a necessity.

  • We endure between six to eight months of winter weather every year.

I rely heavily on my natural gas furnace and spend a great deal of money to heat my home. While the summer season is often super hot and humid, it rarely lasts longer than three months. I had always managed to get by with portable air conditioners in the bedroom windows and a few box fans in the rest of the house. The portable air conditioners were unattractive, fairly inefficient and inconvenient. I was unhappy with giving up the view from the windows. I hated moving the units in and out of the windows at various times of year and storing them throughout the winter. The air conditioners sometimes struggled to keep the bedrooms perfectly cool on especially hot nights, and the rest of the house always felt overheated and sticky. I still wouldn’t have invested in a whole-home cooling system if not for a manufacturer’s rebate and discount provided by a local HVAC contractor. Because I already had the ductwork in place for the furnace, adding central cooling wasn’t overly expensive. Since installing the air conditioner, I am amazed by the improvement in the comfort, cleanliness and overall enjoyment of my home. I tend to run the cooling system even when the weather doesn’t call for it. I adjust the system so that only the fan is operating, and it keeps the indoor air circulating and feeling fresh. The air conditioner helps to prevent condensation and mold growth, filters contaminants from the air, and maintains an even temperature throughout the home. My home family sleeps better at night and has more energy during the day.

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