For severe winter weather, I think that a boiler is the best type of heating system.

A boiler is a hydronic system, which means that it uses water to transport heat energy.

Water heats up more quickly and retains heat longer than air, making it more energy efficient. Rather than blow hot air into the room, the boiler radiates heat into the air. The heat is far less likely to rise straight up to the ceiling, but remains closer to the floor, where it does the most good. Boiler heating helps to prevent temperature stratification, drafts and cold spots. It also avoids the introduction of contaminants, such as dust and bacteria into the indoor space. As a closed system, it recycles the same water over and over again, and doesn’t impact the home’s water supply. Many modern boilers can be used to supplement household water heating needs, further trimming expenses. The boiler heats water and conveys it through pipes that are typically concealed beneath the floors. These pipes then link to radiators, baseboard heaters or a radiant flooring system. The boiler can also be used for towel warmers, a snowmelt system and to heat the hot tub or swimming pool. Because of the type of set up, it’s very easy to take advantage of zoned control. Individual thermostats in different rooms allow personalized temperature settings. Each space can cater to preference or requirement, and there’s no need to pay to maintain empty rooms at the ideal comfort level. Boiler heating is also exceptionally quiet, and with proper maintenance, most systems outlast all other styles of heating equipment.


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