The most strange but wonderful thing happened to me the other month.

  • I had been wanting to get an air purifier for my home because the air quality has not been too well in my house as of lately.

However, getting the kind of air purifier I wanted was a little out of my price range, since I live on quite a tight budget these days. I could not even find a few portable air purifiers on sale at any of my local heating and air conditioning suppliers. So, one day I was driving home from work and seen there was someone who had a bunch of stuff out on their sidewalk for the trash. The stuff was all in good condition, they just could not get rid of it and were moving. And what do you know? I ended up finding an air purifier just sitting there and completely up for the taking! I could not believe it! I stopped my car and got out. Looking at this air purifier, it was in completely almost new condition! Right away, I grabbed the air purifier, threw it in my car and drove the rest of the way home fast! I was driving fast because I felt like I just stole something! I had to remind myself that this air purifier was completely free and clear. Once I got home I hooked up this air purifier and all I can say is…wow! The air purifier was indeed doing its job within a half an hour and my house was having the best air quality it had ever experienced in years! It was like finding gold on the sidewalk!


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