When my partner, Ron & I built our house seven years ago, both of us chose a ground source heat pump to handle the heating & cooling… Although this type of system is severely costly, geothermal Heating & A/C is appealingly energy efficient. We’re able to maintain perfect year round temperature for around a dollar per day… The cost savings on our utility bills reclaimed the initial investment in 5 years. The largest expense was the excavation & drilling necessary to install the underground loop system. This series of pipes is buried in our backyard & takes advantage of moderate & stable temperature to provide a source for heat energy in the Wintertime & a heat sink in the summer season. The pipes are linked to a heat pump which is installed in our home.  The underground pipes are warrantied for up to fifty years, & because the heat pump is protected from the wear & tear of weather, both of us can expect it to last around twenty years. The heat pump simply moves heat from 1 arena to another, bringing it from the ground into the house during Wintertime & extracting it from the house during the summer season. There is no on-site combustion process to create heat, because of this, both of us don’t need to worry about byproducts, such as carbon monoxide, or orange house gases. A geothermal heat pump is considered by the EPA to be the most environmentally friendly option for temperature control on the new market. The system is exceptionally clean, safe & quiet; In cooling mode, it is more efficient & better at dehumidification than a conventional air conditioning. In heating mode, it doesn’t dry out the air, which avoids the need for a humidifier. Plus, a multi-period filtration system optimizes indoor air conditions.

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