I called the HVAC company last week, so I could make an appointment to have the yearly maintenance performed. Ever since my husband and I have performed yearly maintenance on the HVAC equipment, we have noticed lower monthly bills and a cleaner indoor air quality. The yearly HVAC appointment covers all of the important parts of our system. Each of these components are carefully checked for wear and tear and any signs of problems. I waited 5 days for my HVAC appointment, which was yesterday morning. I stayed home from work, so I could be there when the HVAC technician arrived. I spent the morning working on household chores, like ironing some pants, vacuuming the living room, and making a nice dinner for the family. The HVAC technician arrived perfectly on time for our appointment, and he was finished with the evaluation before lunch time. I spent the afternoon in the office, going through some paperwork and filing some briefs. I was happy to hear that the HVAC system was running smoothly with no problems. This morning, I left for work like it was any other day. At precisely 9:30 this morning, the HVAC company called my desk. They told me that the technician was at my front door, and asked if I needed to reschedule the appointment. I told the office that my appointment was the previous day, and everything went well. I heard the office receptionist sigh, and then she said I’m sorry. I certainly wasn’t upset, but someone else wasted their time driving all the way to my house.

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