Last week I was called into my bosses office just before I was going to clock out for the day. When he told me to step into his office I instantly thought that I was going to be in some sort of trouble, or worse, get fired for something. To my total surprise however he told me that I had been doing an amazing job and had been exceeding all of my expectations, so he was giving me a massive pay raise along with making me a new manager! I was so surprised by this and it really couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. My air conditioning unit in my apartment broke down on over this past summer and I have been trying to save up enough money over the fall and winter season to be able to go to the HVAC heating and cooling company in town to shop for a new unit. Between paying bills and all the other expensive parts of life as a single mother however, I wasn’t able to get it fixed and the summer season was approaching in just a few weeks. Thankfully with this raise I will be able to either fix up my old a/c cooling unit or even better, spoil myself and just buy a brand new one! I sure am glad that I really pushed myself to work so hard for the past few months at work to get this pay raise, because if I hadn’t of I would have had a very hot and miserable summer at home without any working air conditioning.

a/c tech