One thing I always do every winter is go up to the mountains with my wife to have a nice week of hanging out and going skiing! We always have a lot of fun while we are up there, and the two of us have been for many years very good at the sport. It is kind of like our main bonding these days. Out there on those ski mountains, there’s nothing better in the world, I will tell you! Another good thing about going up to the mountains is that after a long day of skiing on the slopes, we have a nice romantic night by the fireplace in the cabin we rent. Of course, they have wonderful updated heating in this cabin we rent. The heating is complete with a thermostat on the wall and everything, even air vents. However, we light the fireplace for that romantic feeling and have fine wine. This of course leads to other things too…if you know what I mean. When the fireplace is burning bright, we have the heating on the HVAC system set at a pretty low temperature on the thermostat. This way, we don’t sweat and get too overheated. The heat from the fireplace alone is pretty intense. So, just that tiny little bit of heating from the HVAC system mixed with the heating coming from the fireplace makes everything just right in our little mountain cabin getaway. It really is the most wonderful thing all around for my wife and I. Fun at the ski slopes, followed by romance by the fireplace. Who could ask for anything more? I know we couldn’t! That is for sure!

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