My wife and I are super stoked, because we picked up a cheap air conditioner this weekend. The HVAC supplier in town was having an annual spring sale. The annual spring sale is a liquidation event to get rid of all of last year’s air conditioners, heat pumps, and ventilation equipment. The HVAC supplier has a small shop that sells retail equipment. My wife and I have been thinking about buying an air conditioner for the garage. When we saw the HVAC supplier was having a liquidation event, we decided to go to the store and see if they had anything priced cheap. My wife and I went to the HVAC liquidation event over the weekend. I was really surprised by the selection, because the HVAC company had a lot of items from last year. Everything was 30 to 50% off the retail price. My wife and I picked up a very nice air conditioner for the garage. It is a 25000 BTU unit that should be powerful enough to cool the garage in the summer. The air conditioner is normally priced at $400, but my wife and I picked up the machine for half of that amount. The company even offered a low price on installation, but I think my wife and I can handle this window air conditioner on. I can’t wait to set it up and see how well it works. We should be able to enjoy our garage more, once we have climate control in the area. My wife likes to work on craft projects in the garage, and I have a small video game system out there as well.

HVAC team