Last summer, we started using the garage as a second living room. We have a large television, small bar, and a couple of comfortable chairs. Since my wife and I smoke, it’s much easier than going outside. The first time we tried to relax, we realized that it would be impossible without an air conditioner. My wife and I talked to the HVAC company, but they said it was impossible to duct the air conditioner to our garage. Our air conditioner was only big enough to cool our home. Adding the garage would be a burden to the system. The HVAC company recommended purchasing a portable air conditioner for our outdoor space. My wife and I didn’t need the HVAC company for that. We drove to the hardware store and found a few different models. My wife found the same air conditioner online, and it was $50 cheaper. We decided to buy a portable air conditioner, because the garage lacked any windows. The portable air conditioner worked very well, and we haven’t had any issues with warm air. As long as we keep the back door closed, the portable air conditioner provides plenty of cool comfort to the room. My wife and I are so happy that we decided to turn the garage into a second living room. It adds a second entertaining space that can even double as an outdoor poker room. As soon as we can afford to remodel the garage, we’re going to add a small bathroom in the room. Then we can easily rent the space if we need extra income.

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