I grew up in a quiet suburb, just far enough away from the big city to be peaceful, yet close enough to have some excitement.  My house was built in the 1920s. It was a small, Spanish Mission style house with arched doorways and dark, hardwood floors. I’ll never forget the original crystal doorknobs on the bedroom doors.  Our kitchen has a blue slate floor as well, which I rarely saw on our block. Our garden even had an old fashioned well that hadn’t been used in years. With it’s books and crannies, it stood out around the square, boxier houses that lined the rest of the neighborhood.Most houses that are built today are so different than my childhood home. Most houses are more cookie cutter in style. Unless, you have the money to build a custom home with lots of character. Of course, heating and air conditioning in older homes is different from modern homes. My childhood home had  oil heat. We had window air conditioning units in the house, and on hot summer days, the rooms without those units felt very hot. I didn’t know about central AC and heating back then. Oil heat can be expensive and window air conditioning units don’t cool as well as a central air conditioning unit does. Most houses do not come with oil heat or window air conditioning units anymore. Having a central A/C and heating system is standard in most of the modern homes in our neighborhood. It is a much more efficient and cost effective way of running heating and air conditioning systems.

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