My wife and I have not been home owners for long, so it takes a while to realize there is a problem sometimes. When the air conditioner wasn’t providing ample air flow, it took months to realize the problem. We didn’t even know where the main water shut off for our house was located, until my wife called a plumber last month. I didn’t know why we kept blowing a fuse in the garage, until I realized we were overloading the circuit. Now I’m pretty sure that our oil furnace has a leak. There is a temperature gauge located on the side of the oil furnace. This gauge has never shown any signs of wear or tear until last week. Now there is a small smudge of oil by the gauge. I can’t tell if oil is leaking from the area or not, so I decided it’s time to call someone to check on the oil furnace. I don’t know if the problem is significant, but I’m a little worried about a furnace fire. I wasn’t terribly concerned, until my coworker provided me with a horror story. She lived in a house with a leaking gas furnace one time, and it sparked a fire in the basement. The whole place was engulfed in flames, before the fire department could arrive. Ever since that story, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about oil furnace. I made an appointment for Thursday, when I have no work. I hope the problem will be an easy fix, because my son has a football game and my daughter has piano practice later that afternoon.

HVAC repairman