Last year I had radiant heated floors put into my home, and just this past week, believe it or not, they broke! Or so I thought the radiant heated floors broke! I right away called my local heating and cooling company and told them about the issue. They were pretty backed up that day as they said that all the heating and cooling specialists were all on repair calls for other people’s HVAC systems. However, they were able to get me in the following day. That next day, when the heating and cooling specialist arrived he was kind of puzzled at what was going on with my radiant heated floors. He checked out all the inner workings of the thermostat, the general central heating and cooling system, as well as the flooring itself. After the heating and cooling specialist spent around a full two hours messing around with things, checking everything out and really and truly looking into the radiant heated floors themselves, he found that the issue was one of the hot water pipes underneath the flooring had broke. It had to be repaired right away, and I will tell you seriously, that it cost me a pretty penny to get this fixed, but what choice did I have? It was either get it fixed or waste thousands of dollars on the radiant heated floors that would be otherwise useless! And I got them fixed and the heating and cooling specialist actually gave me a small discount on the repair service as well. So in the end, I lucked out you could really say!

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