I became interested in graphic arts, when I was in Middle School. I had a class that taught us computers, and our teacher was proficient in many graphic art programs. He taught us how to make logos, banners, and buttons. My teacher spent a lot of time teaching us the basics, so we could be successful in college.

             I decided to attend a school that could teach me about graphic art design. I started a year ago, and I am constantly learning new information. I always try to work on extracurricular projects that will make me some money. One of those projects is building logos and website graphics for online companies. I advertise my services on a website that caters to affordable website Solutions online. I offer low cost graphics for businesses at a cheap and affordable rate. Last month, I was working on a project for a new HVAC dealer. I was surprised that HVAC dealer found me online, because the guy is actually local. It made things a lot easier, because we could meet up and discuss the logos and advertising materials.

                 The HVAC dealer was happy with my mock-ups, and gave me full creative control to make some decisions. At the end of three weeks, I presented a full package of advertising materials, and the HVAC dealer was very happy with my work. I hope he will give me a great review on yahoo and google, so I can continue to make some side money for college. I also gave him some business cards, so he could refer some friends and family as well.

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