Back before I was retired, my two little boys were both totally obsessed with my job as an HVAC service repair tech. They would always ask to come with me when I would head out on calls to fix up broken down heating and cooling units, and every once in a while I would let them come along and show them what I do. I think for five years straight they would both dress up as an HVAC repair tech for halloween and refused to go as anything else. As the years past by and they got older, some things changed but one thing that always stayed the same was their love for the HVAC heating and cooling life. They both loved the idea of working with their hands and being able to help people, and now they are both certified heating and cooling repair techs of their own. This is pretty cool for me because now that I am much too old and fragile to fix up units on my own anymore, whenever there is a problem at my house I can just call one of my sons to come help me out. It’s free, I get to hang out with my son, and I get to watch him do something that he is truly passionate about! I never thought that my sons would choose the HVAC repair career path and love it even more than I did, but I am thankful that I was able to show them how great of a job it is, along with its importance.

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