Everyone always talks about what it takes to succeed in college. You need to get enough sleep, try and eat right, be sure to take breaks often–all of these things that no one ever does while they’re actually in school. But there are numerous things I do every single day to help me kick butt in my classes; none of which are ever mentioned in these blog posts and articles all about what new college students should know. First off, as any college student will tell you, you don’t need a separate notebook for each class. In fact, this will come back to bite you later when you grab the wrong notebook for class one day. Keep it one and done for everything that you can, that way nothing gets forgotten or lost. Second, be prepared to deal with HVACs from hell. No matter if you’re a dorm kid or you’re commuting to and from the campus, you have to dress so you’ll be comfortable no matter how much the thermostat settings vary. Some buildings have HVAC zone controls, but a lot of the older ones won’t. That means you need to wear plenty of layers. You can go to campus in the middle of winter in a parka, and need to strip down to your t-shirt for your 8am class because the room you’re in is being heated by an old boiler to at least 80 degrees. Go to class in another building, you might need your sweater and scarf just to say comfortable. Dress for the worst, and you’ll always be able to stay focused on your work, not the discomfort of the HVAC.