I am not a really high tech person, but i can see the value of a smart thermostat. As years go on, I have become much more concerned about energy costs and saving money on my heating and cooling costs.  Some of you reading this article might not be aware of what a smart thermostat is. I wasn’t aware of the difference between a smart and regular thermostat was until my heating repair person told me about it.  It uses WIFI connectivity to hook up to your thermostat and you can program it remotely (from anywhere in the world). For people, who travel and are away from home a lot, this is a very smart choice. Even if you don’t travel a lot, it can still save you money. The initial installation of the smart thermostat might cost a little more than a regular thermostat, but once it is hooked up, it will save you money on your heating and electric bill in the long run.Besides, saving money on your heating and electric bill, by using a smart thermostat, it’s also pretty cool to have.a high tech smart thermostat in your phone.  Don’t be surprised if your family and friends want one too. More and more people are becoming conscious of energy efficiency. In some neighborhoods, smart thermostats are more common than traditional ones. Most newer homes are becoming equipped with these energy efficient thermostats. If your house is very large, or there are big swings in temperature, it is important to have a smart thermostat that you can use to regulate the temperature in your home remotely.

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