My family members have always been loyal to one another. We always do whatever we can to help each other out no matter what. When my brother needs help around his house, I do what I can for him. My wife also helped my brother and his wife redecorate their home. When my brother became an HVAC technician, everybody in the family was so proud of him and excited about the new job. He has been able to help everybody quite a bit with all of their HVAC maintenance needs. Even the other weekend, he actually came over with his equipment and was able to clean our ductwork for us. I’m pretty sure it would have been very expensive if he wasn’t able to do that for us. He definitely says it’s not a problem, because we have always been there for him and we have done a lot for him. I actually loaned him the money to go to school to get his HVAC certification in the first place, so I know he is very thankful for that. Honestly, you really have nothing in life if you don’t have your family. So no matter what, I will always be there for everyone in my family whenever they need me. Eventually, when I have kids, I will teach them the same sentiment. Who knows, maybe I will have kids that decide to become HVAC technicians also. I just think it’s a great career choice because there’s always a high demand for heating and cooling maintenance and service. I don’t believe that will ever change.

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