Sometimes I hate living in a tropical climate. During the summer, it’s great to spend every day at the beach. I love going to the springs and snorkeling Around The Bay. During the winter, living in a tropical climate is a day-to-day nightmare. The weather is constantly changing and the temperature can vary significantly from day-to-day. Last Monday, the temperatures were warm enough to swim in the pool. The high for the day was 85 degrees, with a real feel temperature of 87. Those temperatures are very high for the middle of February. My mom and dad live in another part of the country, and they had 8 in of snow on the same day my daily temperatures were in the 80s. 2 Days Later, the outdoor temperatures dipped down to the 50s. The next day, I had to use an electric heater in the bedroom. The temperatures outside we’re close to freezing overnight, but I didn’t want to run the heat pump. I already had the air conditioner running for the year, and I didn’t want to constantly switch between the heat pump and the AC. It cost a lot of money to start up the heat pump and run the heating function on our thermostat. I feel like we save more money, when we use a small electric heater overnight. My wife and I have a small electric heater and our bedroom, and it keeps the bedroom climate warm and cozy. Even when the temperatures and the rest of the house are frigid and freezing, the bedroom is still warm and inviting. The electric heater only cost pennies everyday to use, so it is much more cost-effective than using the heat pump.

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