I couldn’t believe just how many zone controls were in the condo my bestfriend and I signed the lease on today. He and I have seen places that had the usual, one for the floor and a second for the master bedroom. However, this condo nearly has a thermostat for every room of the place. The only exception is the living room, which shares a thermostat with the kitchen. But that makes sense when you look at it, because the kitchen and living room are all open concept, so the warm or cool air will move from one to the other regardless. I had no idea how they pulled it off, until I started dating this guy who works in HVAC. Apparently, this system is very simple to do. Because the apartment runs on electric heating, this heating system is a ductless style. You just place the electric baseboard furnaces and wire them into the unit accordingly, and to each HVAC zone control. This is why each room has its own HVAC zone control. According to this guy, it’s almost easier to able to just have each room on its own HVAC zone control. This way, you’re not trying to run a ton of wires to one thermostat. The electric furnace is really popular with apartments too because you’re often only heating a small space, and the ductless style is a lot more low maintenance. The landlord doesn’t have to worry about air duct cleaning or changing our air filters with an electric furnace central heater. I love it; all of these HVAC zone controls saves my friend and I a ton off our utility bill.

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