Today I want to talk about the different components that makeup the HVAC system for a hose or any other structure. There is always a HVAC handler located somewhere in the place. One of the most important parts of the HVAC system is what is called the thermostat. This is like the brain of your HVAC system. Without the thermostat then  you would not be able to control the air as it comes out of the vents. This thermostat used to have a mercury bulb on the inside of the thermostat. Those were the old units from the 1990’s and before. In today’s more modern world the mercury bulb on the thermostat is no longer used. We have now turned to digital thermostats to do the thinking for us. The HVAC systems thermostat comes in different shapes and colors that you can use for your home or business. The a/c thermostat also can be programmed to turn the a/c on or off at different times. This saves you energy and cost in the long run. With the old air conditioning thermostats you could not program them. They were all manual and nothing digital about them. HVAC systems and thermostats have been evolving into super thinking machines. The thermostat doesn’t even need the human anymore except to program it and change the battery in it. Now, with Bluetooth technology, a person can also control the HVAC system from anywhere in the world because of smart applications. Having a smartphone and the application to your thermostat, a person can actually make the house cooler or hotter just using their phone. You couldn’t do that 20 years ago. Instead you called your brother on the phone that was hung to the wall with a cord on it to turn the air conditioner down for you before you got home!

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