Last spring, our region received more precipitation than in any year in the past. Out of 93 spring Days, we received rainfall on 60 of those days. In this area, we would normally have 30 or 40 days of rain. That is a significant increase. When the rivers and creeks become full, the small streams back up. My wife and I have a small stream that runs through the middle of our property. It is about 40 or 50 yards from our house. When the rain kept coming down last spring, the entire stream flooded. Our backyard flooded as well. On the sixth day, water started to enter our basement. The whole area was flooded, and we had to go buy a sump pump to get rid of the excess water. The temperatures were warm outside, and the sitting water brought humid temperatures in our home. My wife and I decided to rent a dehumidifier from the HVAC store. The HVAc store rents all kinds of equipment, like dehumidifiers, furnace towers, and portable air conditioners. We rented the dehumidifier for 10 days,. The dehumidifier was equipped with a gauge that measured the amount of moisture in the air. When the desired moisture level is reached, the dehumidifier automatically turns off. We ran the dehumidifier every single day we had standing water in our basement. Luckily, we didn’t end up with any mold or mildew anywhere in the basement. My wife and I happily pay the rental bill for the dehumidifier. We saved a ton of money and kept our basement from undergoing water or mold damage.