My dad struggles to pay his bills every month, so my sister and I help out when we can. A few months ago, my dad started to see very high electric bills. My sister helped him pay October’s electric bill, and I paid all of November’s electric bill. That’s when I decided to call someone from the HVAC dealership, so they could perform an energy audit in my dad’s home. I thought it was strange that the electric bill would jump so high in a short time. I really hoped the HVAC dealership would be able to give us an answer.

              My dad’s furnace was 15 years old, and I thought it was no longer an energy efficient solution to heat the home. The HVAC dealer sent a certified technician to perform an energy audit on my dad’s place. My sister and I were there, and they checked the place thoroughly. They investigated the furnace first, which was actually still in good shape. That was a big surprise to me, because I believed the furnace would be our problem. The HVAC technician found the problem in our attic. The ductwork is located in the attic, and no one ever goes in that space.

            The HVAC technician carefully checked the attic ductwork for problems, and found three separate areas that needed attention. These three areas were allowing a lot of excess heat to escape. Instead of the heat being distributed into the home air, it was lost in the Attic. After the ductwork problems were repaired, the HVAC technician assured my Dad and us that the energy bills should return to normal.