I have friends and family all the time who ask me questions about HVAC maintenance and energy saving tips. I tell them all the time that there is really nothing to it. It’s not difficult to look up various energy saving tips online. You can even ask the HVAC system professionals when they are taking care of your routine HVAC system maintenance. They are usually more than happy to answer any questions you might have in regards to your HVAC system. I have asked them just about every question I could think of including energy saving tips. I thought it was brilliant to actually change the light bulbs in your home strategically. I learned to change all the bulbs with LED lights or compact fluorescents in the summer season to keep it cool in the home and lower your energy bills. Also, it’s a must to switch the light bulbs back to incandescent in the winter months to help keep your home warm. Changing out your air filters with high quality ones is a smart move to not only protect your HVAC system, but to ensure good air quality and also save energy because your system will be able to run at full capacity. It’s good to block out the sun in the summer season to help keep the home cool. It’s also smart to clean out your outdoor A/C condenser unit before the summer. There will be a buildup of dirt and debris in that compressor unit, so you have to clear it out and rinse off the fin coils so they are not blocked up. All this stuff is so easy!

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