When my wife and I decided to go on a little vacation, we decided to go to a bed and breakfast. It was a really nice place out in the mountains. The views were absolutely beautiful in this area. When we finally were checked into our room, it was absolutely wonderful. The thing we noticed though was the furnace wasn’t working so well in our room. When we went to adjust the thermostat to get more heat, we weren’t able to get anymore heat! It was starting to become really chilly in our room and this was unacceptable! We called for help right away and we demanded another room with a working furnace. We were told that all the other rooms were filled however. They said they could have an HVAC worker come out in a jiffy though. So we decided to go for that option because we wanted to be able to enjoy this vacation. So we decided to go out for dinner while they were taking care of the problem with the heating system. We had a nice romantic dinner at this fancy restaurant that we never heard of before. They had the best food and I really appreciated the temperature control settings in this place. It was so much more comfortable than our room at the bed and breakfast. When we made it back to our room though, everything was taken care of. They even left us a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine for our troubles. We had a really great night, and the climate control was perfect for the rest of our stay.

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