My fiance plus I have been discussing moving.  All of us are getting older plus both of us are concerned because both of us aren’t sure if both of us are going to be able to continue taking care of a several home office house plus multiple acres of property.  All of us knew there was a concern because my fiance was beginning to have serious problems with his back, plus I had systemic arthritis. All of us talked about moving south, where both of us wouldn’t have to worry so much about the weather.  All of us even talked about moving off the mountain, however it wasn’t in our hearts. All of us knew that both of us couldn’t leave our home. Now both of us are wondering if there isn’t an easier way to deal with managing our home. Now my fiance is looking at alternative heating methods.  All of us have a fireplace, however because of cleaning the chimney plus the need to chop wood every summer, it is no longer feasible for us to continue using the fireplace. All of us also have an oil gas furnace. The concern with the oil gas furnace is that the cost of heating is constantly rising.  It is rising at a much faster pace than what both of us are getting raises in our retirement. All of us can’t afford to take more out of our retirement fund because then I won’t have enough to last us for the rest of our lives. I suppose both of us will figure something out, however both of us aren’t sure what it will be yet.  I prefer the method of getting rid of the fireplace because of the job that it entails. On the other hand, I hate getting rid of the fireplace because of the comfort it gives. I also prefer knowing that if the power goes out, both of us will still have a heating method to keep us warm.

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