No matter what, I know everything will wear down eventually.  No matter the quality of a piece of technology, no matter how expensive it is, it will eventually wear out. People often say they do not manufacturer things like they used to anymore. Indeed, those appliances that used to be sturdy and durable would  last far longer than their modern counterparts. Sometimes, advances forward in technological seem to go hand in hand with the drawback of being difficult to use. And most modern appliances are not all that reliable and wear out quickly. Whatever the case may be, it’s never  a good idea to ignore the maintenance needs of the mechanical components of a device. A home’s HVAC system is no different. My house has relied on the same trusty Heating and Air Conditioning system for quite a few years now. I have kept it in good shape with regular service. The unit was not overly expensive, but sturdily built. I have taken good care of it by changing the air filters every month.  Plus, I schedule annual professional maintenance. However, I recently had a problem with my furnace. Certain parts needed to be replaced. This was causing ineffective heating because of difficulties with airflow. Finally I noticed some really loud noises. Shortly after that, the furnace quit functioning all together. It’s not like I had ignored the essential maintenance of the furnace in the fall. However, it turned out that there were various parts that needed to be replaced. The HVAC contractor  who looked at my unit had not noticed. Because this oversight, I was able to get the replacement parts and labor at no cost to me. This is because I have enrolled in an HVAC maintenance plan.

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