My husband and I invested in a brand new Heating  and Air Conditioning system about ten years ago. We spent a bit more for a top-quality system, because we were determined to make our home as comfortable as possible throughout the year. Once the system was installed and we  were able to enjoy the operation of the Heating and Air Conditioning unit firsthand, we were really impressed with the results. As awesome as the new Heating and Air Conditioning component was in the beginning, we definitely did not do enough to make sure it was  properly taken care of. We were well aware of the importance of cleaning the air filters, and we made sure to do this regularly. However, my husband and I put off necessary maintenance for far too long. Our new Heating and Air Conditioning system suffered wear and tear over the years.  Dust accumulated within the inner workings. We shouldn’t have neglected to hire an HVAC contractor for cleaning, tuning, and general troubleshooting. We should have done everything possible to protect the operation of the Heating and Air Conditioning unit. Sure enough, my husband and I recently started having complaints with our furnace. Its ability to heat the home sufficiently was diminishing.  The system became less effective, until one evening, we realized that there was hardly any heat coming from the vents at all. At this point, we regretted the lack of professional maintenance on the HVAC system. We had to suffer through several days of severe cold before an HVAC technician was available to repair the furnace. In the end, the repair was rather costly. The technician told us that it could have been prevented  with preventative maintenance.