Sometimes, I care about to go a few afternoons without having technology in our life. I care about smartphones, the internet, & video & movie streaming services just as much as the next person, but occasionally I care about to care about the things in life that have nothing to do with technology. Besides, standing in one spot & staring at a screen all day just is not healthy; Part of what I care about to do on these afternoons is get out & care about the fresh air & sunshine. I go for a walk or ride our bike or even go hiking. Other times, I shall stay apartment & care about other things. There have been some weekends in the middle of the summer time where I can’t genuinely go out because of the snow & cold. On these afternoons when I still crave turning back the clock & enjoying a more primitive lifestyle, I will sit on the family room couch & rely on our big, roaring fireplace to keep myself and others hot while I study a book or several. Later on in the evening when it’s time to go to bed, I shall turn the furnace on because I have our limits when it comes to how much technology I withhold from myself in chilly weather. Sitting by the fire is nice while it lasts, though. I often catch up on so much reading on the these afternoons where I eschew technology for a while. As much as I care about pretending that I am living in a easier time, I genuinely don’t suppose it’s cheating to care about current weather conditions control. Some aged ways of living are best left in the past!

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