I have been married twice, & I am cheerful that I was.  My minute marriage started out on a genuinely cold note.  It was the coldest day of the year. My first marriage was the exact opposite.  I got married mid-July. I was almost many months pregnant & not sure if I wanted to be with this man any longer, let alone marry him.  It was 102 degrees that day, & every one of us were having a small family wedding. My feet were swollen & I couldn’t get our dress on. All of us were to be married at 2PM, however she didn’t show up.  A area of myself and others was relieved, thinking she had changed her mind. My Dad was aggravated until she called. She had to go to work, & the truck she was driving was broken down on the interstate.  She didn’t get house until almost 6PM. It was still almost 100 degrees when she finally got home. All of us had our wedding outdoors & all I wanted to was to go inside & have the air conditioner running over me.  I had spent most of the day in the house, with the air conditioner. It was the only thing that was able to keep our swelling down, & our shoes on. The AC also helped to keep our anger from building. Maybe I should have taken the air conditioning to our new house with me.  I wouldn’t have become so angry with him that our marriage lasted less time that what it took to have the baby. I have air conditioning now.