I was born and raised to live very simply, given that I gew up in the deep south in a rural area. I never had flat screen TVs, video games, or fancy technology like other kids. My parents thought those types of luxuries built poor character and habits and were a waste of currency in general! It wasn’t until I was invited to my first  get together that I realized all that I was missing out on! At my best friend from school’s birthday get together I was introduced to various things all at once! Video games, junk food, all of it, however out of all the new luxuries that I was able to experience for the first time, being in a lake house with an a/c was my number one. At my lake house, my family and I didn’t have an a/c unit. I hadn’t even seen an air conditioning unit until my friend showed me his. I was so amazed at all of the fresh and cool air floating out of this quiet and compact unit. By the time it was the next morning and I was supposed to go back to my house, I was determined to convince my parents to install air conditioning in our home. I tried and tried on and off over the years, however they never caved in. I spent the rest of my childhood and teenage years without any cool air at my house, not even a window unit! Now that I am a full grown adult, I have a state of the art a/c component in my lake house along with all the fancy features I please! I am able to have all of these nice things thanks to my amazing career that I have been so successful in. I feel mom and dad were wrong about a/c units killing your work ethic!