I find that each time I try to organize something big, the universe is determined to make sure I can’t accomplish my objective. Maybe I will get close to pulling off the huge feat, but somehow things will take a bad turn shortly into my event plans. It could be a huge party at work, and the entire project will get cancelled hours before the soiree begins. If I try to surprise my husband, and get incredibly close to pulling off the whole thing, then he winds up deathly ill with a stomach flu when the guests are supposed to be arriving.

               Perhaps I just try to throw my step child a little birthday party, and the entire Heating, Ventilation and A/C idea blows up in my face while the caterers are setting up. Yeah, that’s what happened most recently. I had everything planned so beautifully, and the beach house was incredibly clean and fresh, and the A/C idea was chugging away, busily pumping tons of cool air through our various air vents. I was feeling prepared for the huge event and made sure to turn the A/C down a few extra notches as the caterers were letting all the hot Summer air inside. I didn’t want the indoor air temperature to get out of hand and find myself unable to keep up with the cool air demands after that! What a joke!

                Later, I heard an awful sound coming from the A/C component outside and ran outside to poke around at the cooling device. Hours later, the whole A/C component burst into flames, shooting black soot out everywhere… Needless to say, the party didn’t go so smoothly after the emergency Heating, Ventilation and A/C business was called and I was in the emergency room for first degree burns.

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