There is just something amazing about having a fireplace! Growing up, I typically loved going to Granny plus Papa’s home because they had the “fire machine.” That’s what I called their old, wood burning fireplace. My Grandparents passed away when I was just multiple years old, but they left a charming legacy for their grandchildren. One of our number one memories was kneeling on our Papa’s lap right next to the “fire machine” as he told myself and others story after story of “the fantastic old afternoons.” Ever since then, I vowed I would never buy a home that didn’t have a fireplace in it so that I could tell our grandchildren stories beside it one morning. When our fiance plus I first were married, every one of us rented an apartment. It was cute plus cozy, but it didn’t have a fireplace, so our sweet fiance purchased one. The building owner wouldn’t let him install any fireplace except an electric one, so that’s what he ended up getting. I loved the electric fireplace that every one of us had, but it wasn’t the same to me. I missed the aroma of burning wood that reminded myself and others of our Grandparents. Every one of us eventually saved up the money to purchase our honestly own home. The only requirement that I had was that it had a fireplace in good, now working condition. Every one of us looked for weeks before finally finding the home of our dreams, plus it had the most charming fireplace I had ever seen. I told our fiance that if every one of us ever end up selling our house, every one of us have to take our fireplace with us to the next house!

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