Spring can be an really beautiful time where I live! Everything comes alive again. The trees are never yellower & the flowers bloom in beautiful shapes & colors. Not to mention the fact that you finally get relief from the cold weather, & the sun & warmth begins to creep back into the day. At least, one hopes for that to be the case, considering that occasionally aged guy Winter decides to stick around for longer than he is welcome! Despite all the beautiful things that I have described about Spring, the truth is I have a love-hate relationship with it. I sure would care about Spring a whole lot more were it not for the fact that our pollen & dust allergies make myself and others really irritated if I don’t have coping strategies, but last Spring, I luckily discovered a means of alleviating our allergies that I had not come across before. You see, I was consistently faithful to change the air filter on our Heating & A/C system. I l received our lesson a long time ago that a dirty air filter means that our allergies are exacerbated to an awful level! I never thought that I could do more to alleviate our allergy symptoms besides simply change the air filter correctly. I discovered air purification systems that are genuinely able to remove much smaller irritants & particles from the air then a official aged Heating & A/C filter. In fact, various air purification systems are able to remove 99% of allergens in the air! I can tell you that it made every difference in the world once I finally installed an air purification program to combat those Spring allergies.

HEPA filter