A few years back, I happened upon a window AC unit that someone had disposed of. I looked it over and confirmed that there was no damage, just that it needed a proper cleaning. I assumed the former owner had gotten rid of it because he just hadn’t felt like cleaning it out. I took it home with me and gave it a nice cleaning before setting it up in my bedroom window. I used to fall asleep to the fan in my room, but now I fall asleep with the unit on. With the AC blasting in my room, I sleep much better than I ever had with just a fan on me. I didn’t think I could sleep this well until this AC unit fell into my lap. It served me well for years, but all good things must come to an end. It died on me recently, and I quickly went online shopping for a new window AC unit. I found one that sounded pretty spectacular and amazingly energy efficient. The best part about it was that there were two ways to control it without having to actually walk over to the unit. It had a remote control, but it also had a smart feature that allowed me to connect to it by means of an app on my phone. It was just the thing I needed. After discovering this new device, I was ready to replace my old one with it. Of course, I will never forget my old window AC unit. Without it, I would have never known how good air conditioning could be.

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