Most young people firmly assume that buying a low cost air conditioner when moving into their first house is a fantastic idea, but I made that assumption as well and ended up heavily regretting it. Not only were my roommate & I super uncomfortable during our year living in our first apartment, however our health was hindered as well… With low grade air conditioning units, poor air quality comes with it. Over time our air conditioning device was having a difficult time purifying the air that was coming into the house & the air quality in our house was just as poor as if you were living in an abandoned building! There was dirt & other harmful bacteria in the air along with it not entirely  being cool & comfortable… My roommates & I almost never fall ill, however after a few weeks of living in the house all of us were sick. When all of us fell ill, all of us finally said that enough was enough & all of us went out & got a state of the air air conditioning unit, the three of us had to ask our parents to lend us a little extra currency, however all of us promised to pay them all back in a few months. With this state of the art air conditioning unit, all of us are always cooled off & always breathing in fresh air. There is an air purifying device installed inside of it, so the air is always fresh & healthy. Now that all of us have this new air conditioner unit, all of us are thrilled to finally have our health back.  

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