I really wish I knew whole lot more about cars. I am no mechanic to say the least, so I regularly seek out professional help whenever I have even the slightest problem with our vehicle. I recently went to an auto shop for an oil change plus tire rotation. I had yet to try this auto shop, but I heard that they were considerably cheap, so I gave it a go. I will admit that the prices were pretty good, plus they did a good task as far as I could tell. However, their waiting room plus store in general was really hot. I could not guess that they did not have air conditioning running! There were these fans overhead, however all they were doing was swirling around hot air. I asked if someone could turn the temperature control down, however it turns out that they had been having air conditioning complications for a solid week. One of the workers confided in myself and others that it was more than likely the case that their director was just being cheap about the whole thing plus not getting it fixed. It was hot enough for for myself and others to ask to speak to their director plus see if I could not convince him, but he was conveniently out for dinner. All in all, I seriously did not savor that hot plus sweaty experience. When they were finally done with our vehicle, an hour plus a half later mind you, I was really blissful to get inside plus crank up the air conditioning.